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Winters was on the ground floor of the Packers reconstruction when he joined in 1992. "Coming here gave me an opportunity to become a starter, it gave me an opportunity to play," 

Favre relied on Winters, like every good quarterback has relied on his center and but received back even more.  Winters wasn't afraid to raise hell in the huddle or tell Favre he missed an open receiver downfield. He spoke openly to Favre about his performance during the game because he constantly threw his body on potential grenades just to give the quarterback more life.

"The thing with Frank, he always lines up to play," said former general manager Ron Wolf. "That's a key. He's a leader in the sense that people look up to him to see how he performs. He's very reliable. We're very pleased with the job that he's done." 

Finishing his career as a Packer was an important goal for Frank. "It's always been important to me. When you've been around a team and had friendships like this for so long, and the guys in this locker room are such great guys, going somewhere else for a year or two would be hard."

good bye Frank

In 2003 the journey finally came to an end when Frank left the Green Bay Packers on waivers. Sherman indicated that the release of Winters might have been the toughest cut of his four-year tenure."I wrestled with it all last night and even today," Sherman said. "I'm sure he sees things differently and wished they were different. But Frank's a real pro and understands the business."

Winters, who joined the Green and Gold as a Plan B acquisition in 1992, played in all 16 games last season for the seventh time as a Packer and for the 10th time in his 16-year NFL career. Overall, he played in 231 games. He played 11 seasons with the Packers and was a mainstay in the offensive line. He was also one of the toughest players on the starting unit and also one of the craftiest.

In recognition of Frank's contribution to the team it was announced recently that he will be inducted into the The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame at the 38th Hall of Fame Induction Banquet, to be held the evening of July 19, 2008, in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

He will be missed but not forgotten.

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